Sweet Treasures


Stitching Techniques

Directions to adapt a blouse pattern which opens
in the back so that it opens in the front:


Blouse back:  Place the
center back line on the
fold of the fabric (eliminating
the facing).  The blouse
back will now be one piece.
Blouse front:  Add 2" to the center
front of the blouse pattern.  The
new fold line will be 1/2" from the
center front line; the remaining
1  1/2" will be the new facing.

Curve the neckline edge so that
when the facing is folded back,
the neck curves will match.

Cut two (a right and left front).


Collar:  You may leave the collar
as it is without any changes.

If you want a one-piece collar,
draw a line perpendicular to the
neck edge of the collar at the center
back and extend the outer edge of
the collar to this line.  Place this
new line on the fold of the fabric.

Cut two (one for collar and one
for under collar).



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