Carol's Tiered Skirt


1.  Cut the top tier.  The width is the child's tummy or hip measure-
    ment plus 4 inches.  The depth of the tier for a size 4 is 6 inches
    (adjust as needed for your size).

2.  Cut the bottom tier.  The width is the full width of the fabric
    (45") and the depth is 10  1/2" or length needed for your child.

3.  Gather the bottom tier evenly and attach to the top tier.  Sew
    3/8" grosgrain ribbon where the two tiers join.  Stitch side seam.

4.  Serge or finish top tier edge and turn down 1  1/2 inches; stitch in
    place.  Stitch 7/8" grosgrain ribbon at waist edge with the
    bottom edge of the ribbon on top of the seam you have just done.
    The top edge of this ribbon will be about 1/2" from the edge of
    the fabric, forming a small ruffle above the ribbon.  The opening
    of the ribbon will be at the center front of the skirt and will
    be hidden by the grosgrain bow.  Waist elastic will be run
    between the ribbon and the corduroy fabric.

5.  For the skirt hem, serge the bottom edge and turn up 1  1/2 inches.
    Stitch in place.  Cover this stitching line with 3/8" grosgrain
    ribbon.    --- And you're done!! 



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